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Tigers Link with Max Employment

The Queanbeyan Tigers community charter has yielded yet another great relationship with the club linking with Max Employment to help deliver opportunities for special needs people to gain employment and experience.

This relationship is another important step in the club's endeavors to provide our Tigers and wider Queanbeyan community opportunities through the clubs networks with this area covering the employment field.

"This partnership was a no brainier for the club with it also being very close to my heart having a family member with special needs and seeing how they struggle to find opportunities in the work space" GM of Football Adrian Pavese said.

"If we as a club can help at least one of our families within our footy community then it is well worth the efforts in establishing this link" he added

Disability Employment Manager for Max Employment Tuggeranong and Queanbeyan Shanjive Selvarajalso expressed his excitement being involved with the Tigers.

“MAX Employment delivers services in every state and territory of Australia, operating in more than 250 metropolitan, rural and remote regions. Every year we assist thousands of job seekers transition from welfare to work, and are proud to deliver Disability Employment Services (DES) on behalf of the Australian Government" Shanjive said

"As a Disability Employment Services provider, MAX Employment uses a multifaceted approach to help people living with disability, injury or health conditions find and maintain employment. Our highly trained consultants, Allied Health Professionals and Trainers ensure job seekers, employers and the wider community can achieve sustainable employment outcomes. “

"We are thrilled to be linked with the Tigers Football Club and are looking forward to assisting anyone within the Senior, Junior and wider communities" he said

Should anyone have questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact

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