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Why we are here / Why we are strong!

Over 200 Years of Service to the Queanbeyan Tigers

What a fantastic photo and what a fantastic contribution Jill Bright, Wally Thompson, Noel Miller and Bobby Griffin have given to their beloved Tigers Club with a combined tally of over 200 YEARS as volunteers / supporters.

All four attended the Wynd / Bright Presentation Night last Friday evening at the Hellenic Club and were proud to present various awards to current day players.

It was indeed an honour to have them in attendance and we thank them sincerely for their service and ongoing support as we enter 2022.

Bobby “Griffo” Griffin heads the list commencing in the late forties as a junior player then senior player in the fifties. He became 1st Grade Coach, then chairman of selectors followed by volunteering as a masseur for much of the remaining period to the present day.

(3rd from left)

Noel Miller Legend #1 Noel came on board for the 1977 season as team manager of the successful Monaro League Division 2 premiership team and remained as the Clubs team manager of all grades through to the conclusion of 2017.

He has since assisted with time keeping duties to the present day. Prior to the 1977 season he was a strong supporter of the Tigers as a youngster growing up in Queanbeyan. (4th from left)

Similarly Wally Thompson has supported the Tigers as a youngster and Queanbeyan local although more prominent as a player with the Queanbeyan Whites. But in 1987 he came on board as a timekeeper and stayed in that position until throwing in the watch in 2019. He has since continued in his other role in the area of massage to the present day. (1st from left)

Finally, the Tigers longest serving supporter is Jill Bright. Jill’s support of the Tigers can go back to the fifties when witnessing the Tigers play at the Queanbeyan Park and then with her late husband Alan taking over the scoreboard duties at Margaret Donoghoe Sportsground from 1979 to the present day.

A wonderful contribution made more special for her outstanding support of our Junior organisation throughout this period as well.

Each are inductees of the Tigers Wall of Fame with a full resume of their contributions and achievements available on the Clubs website through the following link

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