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A Must Win – A WIN!!

A jubilant pack of Tigers after Andrew Swan kicks his 1st goal in senior footy!


The game went right down to the final siren with only two points separating the Tigers and Magpies when the “hooter” finally sounded after 13 minutes of over time. A goal after the siren to Paul Franchi gave a difference of 8 points in a match that could have gone either way.

The Tigers had three commanding leads during the match only for the Magpies to fight back into calculations each time eventually taking the lead at the 23 minute mark of the last quarter. It seemed they would once again defeat the Tigers when they posted another goal to take a nine point lead.

However the Tigers were not done and a goal on the run to an in form James Kavanagh followed by another to Captain Ryan Quade gave the Tigers the lead with minutes to go. They slowed the game down much to the cries of “kick the thing forward “ by the spectators but they knew what they were doing and moved the ball from one wing to the other around the backline and then eventually into the forward line with “Le Franchi” taking a chest mark 30 metres out when the siren sounded.

It was a tremendous win for the Tigers who are now in a three way battle for the all important 4th spot with Belconnen and Eastlake. The Magpies and Demons have superior percentages at 6% and 27% respectively.

The Tigers dynamic threesome of Billy Neely, Mitch Daniher and Toby Conroy amassed a total of 106 possessions between them and in doing so provided the team with enough forward movement and control of the ball to enable a great win over tough opposition. Even though both clubs were missing key players through injury / suspension, the match was of high quality and exciting throughout.

There has to be a special mention to the Tigers inexperienced backline. They did a superb job in difficult circumstances missing players of the calibre of Thomo, Satchell and Irwin, Thomo being a late withdrawal on the day. Well don to Ben Jabornik on his debut 1st Grade match especially so on his birthday.

BELCONNEN MAGPIES 3 4 7 10 9 15 15 17 (107) QUEANBEYAN 3 2 9 3 13 6 18 7 (115)BELCONNEN MAGPIES Goal Kickers: D. Posch 6, C. YORK 2, P. RAADTS 2, S. COATE 2, M. CAMPBELL 2, J. JENNINGS Best Players: J. JENNINGS, C. YORK, D. Posch, M. CAMPBELL, A. WHITTARD, S. CURTIS QUEANBEYAN Goal Kickers: J. KAVANAGH 4, R. QUADE 2, M. WESCOMBE 2, M. ARMSTRONG 2, P. Franchi 2, T. Conroy 2, B. FRUEND , M. DANIHER , B. Neely , A. Swan Best Players: R. QUADE, M. ARMSTRONG, M. DANIHER, R. Jaques, C. HADDOCK, M. WESCOMBE

Reserve Grade.

Another quality win – which makes it six in a row. Competition front runners Belconnen have now lost two in a row after being undefeated up until the week before last when the Demons defeated them. They looked back on track with a 14 point advantage at three quarter time but the youthful Tigers combination attacked throughout the last quarter to take a well deserved victory.

The late withdrawal of Kris Thompson from the senior team provided yet another headache for Coach Pavese. For the second week running youngster Ryan Price doubled up and didn’t let the team down.

Up forward Freddie Nortje was a powerhouse taking some well judged marks in the first half eventually being rewarded with 4 goals. Another player pressing for senior grade selection again is Liam Wilkinson. His long running attempts on goal are a real feature with four goals to his credit. After saying he wasn’t playing on Thursday night due to a nagging injury, Beau Watts changed his mind by the next day and was tremendous on Saturday. He dominated proceedings throughout.

The little man Dave Corcoran was also an inspired person up forward creating havoc during he match and with the level heads of Greg Hair and Andrew Lieschke adding support to this very young team there seems to be a good feel amongst the group.

BELCONNEN MAGPIES 3 3 9 3 12 5 12 8 (80) QUEANBEYAN 2 4 8 7 9 9 14 11 (95)BELCONNEN MAGPIES Goal Kickers: S. MIEKLE 4, B. LANGHAM 2, A. GATENBY , d. Bunyan , R. TOWILL , C. BURDETT , S. Boyd , L. Donohue Best Players: A. GATENBY, J. HODDER, S. Boyd, S. MIEKLE, B. TURNBULL, C. BURDETT QUEANBEYAN Goal Kickers: F. Nortje 4, L. WILKINSON 4, J. Manie 2, B. WATTS 2, A. LIESCHKE , B. ORMSTON Best Players: M. MACKENZIE, F. Nortje, B. ORMSTON, D. ROSS, S. Kelly, D. CORCORAN

Under 18 Grade.

Two losses in a row have sent the alarm bells ringing. Coach Paul Campbell came down hard on the guys after the loss to the Magpies who provided quality opposition for the second placed Tigers outfit.

After being two games clear in equal first position they are now back with Marist in equal second and will have to improve 100% in coming weeks to maintain the double chance. Their performance was not without some quality players. Kyle King was again damaging in the backline and if he can get through a game without injury he will mature into a strong senior grade player down the track.

Youngster James Armstrong had his first run for the Under 18’s graduating from the Under 16 Grade team. His performance was spot on for a first timer enjoying many possessions as an in and under player.

The Tigers were in front at half time after the Magpies had kicked the first three goals. Discipline was a factor unsettling many of the younger players but once that was removed the Tigers played with more purpose. Unfortunately Belconnen wanted to win a touch more than the Tigers and they played with more purpose and desire. It seems a few recent 18 year old birthday parties are taking its tole on this grade and if they don’t take stock of their abilities mixed with a balance of socializing then they could fall from grace very quickly.

BELCONNEN MAGPIES 3 3 3 4 6 7 10 8 (68) QUEANBEYAN 1 1 4 2 4 5 6 6 (42)BELCONNEN MAGPIES Goal Kickers: z. sheather 4, R. Hartwig 2, L. Allen , B. McCabe , J. Harper , J. Michelle Best Players: B. Posch, L. Allen, J. McKINNON, S. Goodsell, J. Harper, J. MALONEY QUEANBEYAN Goal Kickers: S. JENSEN 3, T. LEE 3 Best Players: L. Duggan, J. ARMSTRONG, K. King, S. JENSEN, T. LEE, R. PRICE