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A Year Completed – Tigerettes do the Club Proud in 2011

The Tigerettes have finished their season going down by 52 points to Belconnen at Jamison.

The final match was fairly reflective of the season as a whole – undermanned but a gutsy effort against a more seasoned opponent.

After last week’s belting the Tigerettes were encouraged to be more attacking in their final game and the plan seemed to work early as Jane Vucago who started in the unfamiliar position of full forward was able to get the better of her opponent in a one on one contest and kicked a fine running goal.

Skipper Kristen Turner was back to her best across half back flank constantly repelling Belconnen attack through her run and second and third efforts. Sarah Van Meurs looked refreshed after a week off and was a constant present at stoppages for the Tigerettes all day, together with midfield regulars Hannah Dunn, Tegan Tisma and Lani Watson who were again amongst the teams best.

As usual the defenders stood up under a lot of pressure with Shay Thomas playing well at Full Back before an indiscriminate knock to the back of the head curtailed her day. She was well supported by Clarice Huston and Amy McLenaghan who continued her good late season form.

Siau Goh, Kaz Collard and Chrisie Bourbous worked hard in the forward line and despite having only one player on the bench the Tigerettes were able to finish the match strongly – kicking the last goal of the game through an excellent opportunist goal to Gez Croke.

That’s it – Season Over.

A positive sign being double the wins from our inaugural season (and an impressive average winning margin of 46 points).

On the flip side an almost 13 goal average losing margin in the 12 games against the 6 teams above the Tigerettes on the ladder a reflection of how difficult it has been to start a team from scratch in an established competition and a sign of how much hard work will be required to sustain real improvement and bridge the gap in 2012.

Tigers Football Manager Adrian Pavese paid tribute to Coach Dave Matthews and his team, “What a wonderful achievement it has been to see our Women’s Team finish their 2nd Season” he said

“Full credit to the girls, Joan, Jonesy, Wendy, Mark, Aileen and everyone else who played a part in the girls year. Dave Matthews has been a great addition to our club and while there is still a hard road ahead with developing this team, Dave has certainly set the foundations for a long and sustained future for our Women’s Team”

“Preparations have already started for the 2012 season and we welcome all current and new players to jump on board the Tigerettes Train” he added.

Queanbeyan 1.0 1.0 1.0 2.0 (12) Belconnen 3.1 4.4 7.7 9.10 (64)Goals: Jane Vucago, Gez Croke Best: Kristen Turner, Sarah Van Meurs, Tegan Tisma, Hannah Dunn, Shay Thomas
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