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Another great weekend for the Queanbeyan Tigers with all five teams recording strong wins.

Games to determine Finals Venues

With only one round remaining (with the exception of the Reserve Grade Tigerettes), the first round of the finals series looks like the club will be split over two days with the Men’s Reserve Grade and Rising Stars Under 18 Grade being played on Saturday 25 August (venue to be determined but will be either Kippax or Ainslie) with the First Grade Men’s and First Grade Tigerettes playing on Sunday 26 August – most likely at Allinsure Park but depends on the results this coming weekend.

The Tigerettes Reserve Grade team continue playing competition games with finals being played in alignment with the AFL Canberra 3rd and 4th Divisions Men’s finals.

Massive Day at Allinsure Next Saturday

It should be a wonderful day at Allinsure Park next Saturday with members of the 1988 and 1998 1st Grade Premiership teams in attendance for a combined reunion of which will be the highlight of the Tigers 37th Annual 100 Club Dinner that evening.

The day encompasses some great games of footy with both clubs certain to be strong contenders for the respective titles come finals time.

Games commence at 9.30 with the Under 18 Grade Rising Stars (Tigers 1st v Magpies 4th).

The Men’s Reserves take the field at 11.30am (Tigers 2nd v Magpies (4th).   T

he Men’s 1st Grade game commences at 1.30 (Tigers 3rd v Magpies 1st) followed by the Ladies 1st Grade at 4.00pm (Tigers 3rd v Magpies 1st).

Results Last Weekend

Tigerettes Reserve Grade

The Tigerettes Reserve Grade team kicked of a successful weekend for the Club posting an impressive win over Cootamundra at Cootamundra.  The youthful Tigers defeated their NSW opponents by 38 points.  A huge thank you to all the support volunteers that traveled to Cootamundra.



Cootamundra Blues

Goal Kickers: S. Bloor 3, B. Ormond, R. Smith Best Players: S. Bloor, T. Vander Zwan, G. Silk, R. Smith, A. Parkinson, E. Poulton

Queanbeyan Tigers

Goal Kickers: M. Czubara 3, C. Hamilton 2, J. Shea 2, M. Margosis 2, K. Svager Best Players: M. Czubara, H. Rauter, C. D”Elboux, M. Margosis, K. Svager, M. McGrath

Under 18 Grade Rising Stars

The Tigers Rising Stars displayed a dominant performance over the Gungahlin Jets who were missing several players promoted into their First-Grade team for the day. On a slippery deck, they gradually warmed to the conditions to outclass a competitive team that never stopped fighting until the final siren.




Goal Kickers: L. Smith Best Players: J. Karo, T. Mikolic, J. Bright, B. Holloway, L. Lawrence, K. Huender


Goal Kickers: W. Taylor 6, J. Fahey 2, H. Hunter, J. Manners, B. Thurling, J. Micallef, M. Wilson, J. Foley, J. Gay, K. Dawson, N. Wright Best Players: A. Bowyer, J. Micallef, W. Taylor, J. Stephinson, H. Straker, J. Gilbert

Men’s Reserve Grade

Unfortunately, the Jets were unable to provide a full complement of players – with this game being reduced to 16 a side. Thanks to Alex Coppinger for also assisting Gungahlin as a playing member of their team.  The Tigers who currently sit second on the ladder were far too strong for the Jets with 48 scoring shots to one.




Goal Kickers: S. Lancaster 6, M. McKenzie 4, Z. Derksen 4, S. Wilkinson 3, N. Irwin 3, B. Reid 2, B. Gisik, H. McKenzie, P. Slater, D. Lucas, A. Lawder Best Players: D. Ross, J. Tegart, M. McKenzie, B. Gisik, H. McKenzie, S. Wilkinson

Men’s 1st Grade

This contest was far more competitive than the scores indicate however it was the Tigers who would overcome some early injury problems to key players and overrun an enthusiastic Jets combination.

Gungahlin also suffered two serious injuries during the match including a broken ankle with concern by both clubs for the player being acknowledged with a combined effort from all Sports Medicine personal in attendance.

A nine-goal last quarter by the Tigers compensated for an inaccurate 3.10 posted in the third term.




Goal Kickers: M. Grocott 5, D. Lord 4, M. Lawrence 3, A. Page 3, B. Lagana 2, T. Conroy 2, J. Lehman, K. Evans, J. Taylor Best Players: K. Evans, T. Conroy, M. Gorman, T. Collins, B. Greenwood, M. Grocott

Tigerettes 1st Grade

The final game of the day commenced at 4pm with the temperature dropping for a replay of last year’s grand finalist teams. The Tigers outclassed their opponents to record a solid victory by 78 points.




Goal Kickers: L. Watson 4, T. Evans 2, S. Arcus 2, G. Stephinson, H. Dunn, T. Campbell, M. Godfrey Best Players: C. Res, T. Evans, L. Watson, H. Dunn, J. Stramandinoli, K. Dobing

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