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AULICH extends Partnership with the Tigers!

Aulich have again committed for the 2019 Season as

Major Female Corporate Partner!

It’s a wonderful endorsement from Ben Aulich and his team for what the tigers are producing within their female programs. With Aulich continued involvement, the club can keep providing the best possible environment and resources for all of their female players & support staff involved with the club going forward.

“We are thrilled to have gained the Aulich partnership for a further 12 months” General Manager Adrian Pavese said

“The club continues to work hard for all of our players but the female space is an evolving beast with numbers far exceeding what we could have ever have hoped for” He added

“When we entered two teams for the first time after only 8 years in existence in the female competition we couldn’t have dreamed of the numbers, we have 62 players on the books and the Super two’s will play finals in their 1st year – incredible effort”

“However without the support of companies like Aulich, Walmsley Building Solutions & Sleep Doctor Fyshwick there would have been no way we could be achieving what we are right now – I thank you on behalf of everyone involved” He Added

Partner Ben Aulich pictured with 2017 Women’s First Grade Premiership Player Monica McGrath

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