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Building the future of the Queanbeyan Tigers Women’s Program.

“A Stronger Foundation”

With a clear dominance of the past 5 years within the AFL Canberra Women’s league, a lively buzz is surrounding the one club AFL town in Queanbeyan.

A new era has commenced within the Tigers Women’s teams as they move towards strengthening its program through a rebuilding player list and investing in its junior development.

With this change brings a new form of leadership that is poised to set the conditions in Performance, Culture, Chemistry, and the Transition of Youth and new arriving players to the game.

The Tigerettes Senior Coach and head of the women’s program, Chris Clifton, has jumped on board a concept taken from the United States and has implemented a new leadership program that he believes will strengthen the club further into the future.

Although similar models are implemented at AFL levels and elite sports levels, at community level this is often overlooked. Instead of relying upon two players to take on the mantle of Captain and Vice-captain or a group of players to lead their respective lines, the tigers will branch out further and hit the areas that are aligned to the clubs values through behind-the-scenes integrity, integration of the youth and fresh players and custodianship of the team and club culture.

These roles are now split between nine people who have now taken up each individual

mantle and this was implemented on the evening of the 8th of April 2021.

It is with great pleasure to announce that club legend, 2017 AFLW, 4 x Premierships & 4 x Best & Fairest player Ella Ross will Captain the Club for the 1st Time - Congratulations Ella.

The leadership announcements for 2021 are:

The Performance leaders:

36 Ella Ross, 1st division (Captain)

20 Kate McGrath, 1st Division (VC)


16 Lauren Flakelar 2nd Division (Captain)

34 Hannah Verri 2nd Division (VC)

The performance leaders are the leaders that appear on game day. They assess where

the team is at during training and the team’s performance during games. Performance leaders are to maintain the team’s cohesiveness during a match, inspire unity and a high level of ferocity; showing the opponents no gaps in defence, on top of eviscerating attacks upon the opposition. They set the standards for other to strive to and lead by example on the field during games and training.

The Change room/Culture leaders::

7 Laura Russel

9 Hayley Rauter

What you see on the field is only what is on the surface like an iceberg there is much more below. The team’s integrity relies upon not only the leaders on the field but also those behind the scenes. The Change room/culture leader’s role is to mould, maintain and encourage the team’s culture. They are the guardians of the history of the club and are the glue that keeps the team on point and are a bastion of information of the team.

The Chemistry/Social is:

45 Briahna Anderson

If it’s to help celebrate a victory, organise a social event or just have a nice chat the Chemistry/social leader is there. The role is to keep the bonds of the team healthy, ensure all are good and are ok. A team is made up of people and people need to relax and have a bit of fun. When not playing with her sisters in arms you’d find the Chemistry/social leader spreading the positivity around, looking for ways or taking/acting upon suggestions for team activities. All teams have their own individual groups, the leader ensures that the groups get along and the bonds in the team remain strong.

The Youth/Transition Leaders:

59 Kate Woodward

17 Ruby Grounds

The Youth/transition leaders are responsible for the caretaking of both junior players moving up into the senior teams and helping out fresh players to the team and club become acquainted. This doesn’t just secure the future of the club but the team as well. With leaders there showing new recruits the ropes and guiding young players into the senior team the Youth/transition leaders actively help build a structure that can stand forever.

The Queanbeyan tigers wish to congratulate all of the leaders that will represent the club in 2021.

Karl Anstey

Queanbeyan Tigers

12 April 21

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