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Community League Round 2 Details + Round 1 Review.

17/04/2021- Tigers Vs Ainslie Tricolours

Fourteen weeks of hard work and the Tigerettes begin their year confident and ready to play against real opponents, their numbers being bolstered by nine new players making their debut this day. Having been chomping at the bit for the chance to play the second division is only an inkling of the Queanbeyan Tigers strength.

The Tigerettes opponents of the day are the Ainslie Tricolours and played on their home ground. The first half saw Ainslie keeping the pressure on the Tigers, gaining a quick lead over the visitors. However, the Tigers soon recovered with the half time being called and the home team’s attack fractured by the tiger relentless defence and breaking even at 20-20.

The second half was a great show. The Tigers having gotten their act together and breaking the Tricolours control of the field that led to a doubling of their half time score securing a well-played victory, defeating Ainslie 42-20.

Lauren Flakelar

Tiger’s leader Lauren Flakelar proved instrumental to the victory today. Not only did she lead from the front and the back, she was on several occasions the key play to breaking the Ainslie attack, no doubt inspiring not just her team in general but the new nine players as well. Commenting on the game this inspiring leader said that she was “Very happy with the girls who have never played” and the victory was due to “A great team performance”.

The Captain also commented on her sides preseason training by saying “The structure that they have been working on for the past twelve weeks have paid off.”

The Coach too shared the same views as the Captain. A united leadership for a victorious team. Ainslie Tricolours 2.0 3.2 3.2 3.2-20

Queanbeyan Tigers 1.0 3.2 5.5 6.6-42 Queanbeyan Tigers Goal Kickers: S. Fenwick, Z. Carl, M. Lustri, S. Arcus, K. McGrath, S. Close Best Players: M. Czubara, N. Brockwell, K. McGrath, L. Flakelar, Z. Carl, S. Arcus

The next game is set to be played on the twenty-fourth of April with the Tigers Defending their home turf from the Riverina Lions.

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