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Fantastic Effort from the Tigers Army.

For the past four days, the Club has rallied behind the Bushfire Appeal with emphasis on assisting those on the South Coast who have been hugely

affected by the enormity of the bush fires that have devastated many of our pristine coastal townships.

It has been a wonderful effort with pallet loads of donated items being collected, sorted, packed and sent to various organisations in Queanbeyan and Evacuation Centres along the South Coast. A huge thank you to Andrew Dale from the G Spot Collection area at Gungahlin for assisting us with the delivery of items to the coast.

Some 15 associates of the Tigers delivered the items donated to the distribution area in Gungahlin on Sunday morning after attempts to deliver the cargo by way of Club transport down the Brown Mountain was thwarted with road closures.

Whilst at the distribution centre, it was all hands-on deck assisting other community volunteers load two trucks laden with an incredible number of donated items from the Canberra Community.

Locally, two Ute loads of pet food were delivered to the Animal Rescue Collective and the Australian Wildlife Organisation through local organiser

Kym Bryant. Clothing was distributed to the Salvation Army in Fyshwick while any perishable foods went straight to the local Queanbeyan Rural Fire Service.

A huge thank you to all those who contributed donations last Friday and to those who assisted in directing traffic into and around the drop off area. To those who collected and sorted into categories – what a wonderful effort and on behalf of the Tigers Organisation a huge thank you. Thanks also to those who assisted loading the vehicles on Saturday afternoon, many attended on multiple occasions.

To our South Coast Families, we hope that for all the effort over many years of transporting sons and daughters to play for the Queanbeyan Tigers, we have shown our enormous appreciation for your time and contribution to our organisation. The South Coast is a big part of our Club History & Culture and whatever we can do for our friends that are caught up in this terrible event we will do in a heart beat!

Our sincere thoughts and prayers are with each one of you during these difficult times. There are so many family members of current players along the

coast from Ulladulla through to Eden. Please stay safe.

Locally, the Club would like to recognise and thank the following Club Members who assisted at some stage over the past three days: Chrissy Craven, Gary Bullivant, The Stephinson Family, The Vosnakes Family, The Pavese Family, Josh Bryce, Chelsea Marrolt, Brett Fruend, Jed Simpson, Daryl Taylor, Wally Gisik, Ray Downey, Jeremey Bridger, Megan Godfrey, Jason Taylor, The Minchin Family, Fred Gisik, The Harvey Family, Jordan Iudica, Bailey Greenwood, Alec McCormick, Christian Palombi, Jono Bowyer, The Thompson Family, Claire O’Neill, Shelly McCartridge & partner, Wally Thompson and Tony, Matt Bernasconi, Nic Lawlis, Paul Slater, Scott Taylor, Lynne McKenzie, Chris Clifton, Steve Wightman, Lara Bowyer, Danny Webster, Laura Herring, Mark Rigby and anyone else we may have missed.

Also, a special call out to Ron Holden and all of the other contributors who aren’t directly connected to the Tigers that that helped out on the day.

Finally, a special thanks to local companies Pedemonts, National Capital Toyota, Hertz, Precision Taekwondo-Do Australia, Queanbeyan Tigers Club, Aulich, Nectar Mortgages Canberra for their assistance and offer of assistance throughout the 4 days.

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