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Improving Every Game!

The Tigerettes were no match for top of the table Riverina at Dairy Farmers Park on Saturday but can hold their heads up high for the ability to fight out matches despite the very real gap in the teams stages of development.

While the scoreboard was bleak there were still plenty of positives to take out of the match. Bleak as it was the scoreboard still reflected an almost ten goal improvement from the Round 1 encounter. The Riverina team were not able to kick more than three goals in any term thanks mainly to some outstanding defensive work from Dani Louis, Tracey Mosely and Pip Butt.

You can’t fault the ladies effort – especially so in the second half as injuries to key midfielders Kristen Turner (Achilles) and Lani Watson (wrist) threatened to allow Riverina to blow the game open. Hannah Dunn again shone in the ruck contests, Tegan Tisma continues to work hard and Jane Vucago also played well despite being restricted in her running with injury.

While the effort can’t be questioned the execution is still lacking both with simple skill errors when in possession and too many careless free kicks being given away when being out run and second to the contest, so the team has plenty to work on.

One highlight was the debut of Karen Collard, a former Harman player returning to the game after a extended break, who showed enough to suggest that she will be a welcome contributor to the team. Another highlight was a very welcome off field boost with several of the injured players on hand to run water and hopefully not too far away from being able to pull on the jumpers again.

The Tigerettes will again get a chance to test their improvement next week as they return to Dairy Farmers Park and take on 2nd placed Eastlake at 10am on Saturday.

Riverina 11-17 (83) d Queanbeyan 0.0 (0)Best: Dani Louis, Tracey Mosely, Tegan Tisma, Pip Butt, Jane Vucago

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