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Results from 12 August

Dominos Queanbeyan Players of the Week and Match Results

Dominos Best Players 1st Grade:  Joshua Bryce 2nd Grade:  Alex Lawder Rising Stars:  Lachlan Squire Women’s:  Megan Godfrey

Match Results – 12 August 2017

First Grade Queanbeyan Tigers     2.2-14    4.4-28    12.8-80      18.12-120 Belconnen Magpies    2.2-14    6.7-43     8.7-55         9.9-63

Queanbeyan Tigers Goal Kickers: K. Evans 4, J. Bryce 3, B. Fruend 3, T. Clowry 2, A. Page 2, J. Hedington 2, M. Grocott, M. Lawrence Best Players: J. Bryce, T. Clowry, K. Evans, S. Lancaster, A. McCORMICK, M. Grocott

Belconnen Magpies Goal Kickers: D. Bunyan 3, J. Harper 2, B. Joyce, B. Turnbull, J. Taylor, C. York Best Players: J. Bennett, L. Haddrill, B. Joyce, J. Taylor, J. Kenna, D. Bunyan

Second Grade Queanbeyan Tigers     3.7-25    5.8-38     6.9-45     7.10-52 Belconnen Magpies    0.0          3.1-19      7.2-44    10.7-67

Queanbeyan Tigers Goal Kickers: J. Oram 2, Z. Derksen 2, S. Bowden, C. Graham, J. MacDonald Best Players: A. Lawder, J. Oram, J. Bowyer, J. Bridger, J. Smith, H. Kelly

Belconnen Magpies Goal Kickers: M. Mooney 5, N. Blackburn 2, L. McGilvray, C. Johnson, M. Lamb Best Players: D. Bloomfield, L. McGilvray, M. Mooney, L. Lusty, N. Blackburn, J. Dunn

Rising Stars Queanbeyan Tigers     3.2-20    6.4-40    9.8-62    12.10-82 Belconnen Magpies    0.1-1        2.3-15     2.4-16     3.5-23

Queanbeyan Tigers Goal Kickers: N. Wright 2, O. Rowley 2, H. Grant 2, B. Blakers, K. Doherty, M. Scargill, J. Gay, M. McKenzie, J. Stephinson Best Players: L. Squire, M. Scargill, M. McKenzie, K. Stevens, N. Wright, H. Thompson

Belconnen Magpies Goal Kickers: J. Rees, H. Warden, D. Sim Best Players: J. Rees, C. White, D. Evans, W. McInnes, A. Wenke, D. Sage

Women’s Queanbeyan Tigers     0.3-3     0.5-5      2.7-19     3.8-26 Riverina Lions            0.3-3      3.7-25    4.9-33     5.10-40

Queanbeyan Tigers Goal Kickers: M. Godfrey 2, H. Dunn Best Players: E. Ross, M. Godfrey, S. Close, J. Stramandinoli, S. Armistead, H. Dunn

Riverina Lions Goal Kickers: A. Noonan 2, K. Abbott 2, J. Dorman Best Players: A. Naismith, Y. Jones, H. Martin, N. Ayesu, A. Noonan, R. Lugg

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