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Results from 29 July

Dominos Queanbeyan Players of the Week and Match Results

Dominos Best Players 1st Grade:  Josh Bryce 2nd Grade:  Mitch Haley Rising Stars:  Bye Women’s:  Carly Res


Match Results – 29 July 2017

First Grade Queanbeyan Tigers     3.5-23   11.12-78    18.15-123      26.21-177 Gungahlin Jets            2.1-13     3.1-19        4.2-26           4.2-26

Queanbeyan Tigers Goal Kickers: J. Bryce 7, J. Kirkwood 5, Z. Derksen 4, A. Page 3, B. Lagana 3, R. Quade 2, M. Grocott, J. Hedington Best Players: J. Bryce, J. Carroll-Tape, J. Kirkwood, W. Morshead, J. Manie, J. Hedington

Gungahlin Jets Goal Kickers: J. Mennen 2, M. Porter, R. Thomas Best Players: D. Leon, W. Hambleton, J. Noble, L. Smith, L. Hunter, B. Corbett


Second Grade Queanbeyan Tigers     7.7-49    16.8-104   22.16-148    32.19-211 Gungahlin Jets            0.0          0.0            0.0                0.0

Queanbeyan Tigers Goal Kickers: M. Haley 10, L. Jordan 3, H. Kelly 3, B. Gisik 3, D. Lucas 2, J. Oram 2, S. Feery 2, A. Lawder, A. Godfrey, J. Bowyer, T. Shea, H. McKenzie, B. Ormston, E. Maatouk Best Players: E. Maatouk, M. Haley, J. Oram, L. Jordan, A. Godfrey, J. Bowyer

Gungahlin Jets Not provided


Rising Stars BYE


Women’s Queanbeyan Tigers     5.1-31    9.2-56     12.4-76     15.8-98 ADFA/RMC Rams     0.0          0.1-1        1.1-7          1.1-7

Queanbeyan Tigers Goal Kickers: C. Res 6, L. Watson 2, M. Margosis 2, M. Godfrey 2, K. Reid, A. Dand, K. Medhurst Best Players: C. Res, A. Jakim, K. Reid, G. Michl, L. Watson, S. Armistead

ADFA/RMC Rams Goal Kickers: K. Millward Best Players: K. Muir, R. Nelson, S. Schimmel

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