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Super Two's Tigerettes - 2 from 2 with solid win vs Riverina

Queanbeyan Tiger vs Riverina Lions- 24/04/2021

Coming from their victory last week the Tigerettes faced off against the visiting Riverina Lions with the tigers ranks re-freshened with the debut of five new players to the team.

The game started of quite rocky with the Riverina Lions applying the pressure on the Tiger’s defences from the get-go. A strong effort by both the Captain Lauren Flakelar and Stacey Close led to the onslaught being blunted and the Tigers began to find their momentum.

This was however curtailed by many errors due to a lack of on field communication; an issue that would consistently plague the side through the game.

The second half saw notable change from the Tigers with the team gaining an ever-steady lead; quickly leading to the downfall of the Lions.

The trial by fire that the new team members faced has forged them into a group of solid players with the hope that many will go on to playing their 50th game like Jill Shea.

Jill ended her match with a goal under her belt and a victory to celebrate her milestone game. Well done.


Most important item for the Tigers to take away from this win is their victory over the team that defeated them in the Grand Final two years ago. Captain Flakelar said “Good to have a win. Last time played Riverina was the Grand Final and we lost”

A brilliant effort by the Tigers defeating the Riverina Lions 28-13.

A Scrapper in Defence

Stacey Close, the answer to all your needs. Not only did she shore up the Tigers defensive line with her Captain, but often turned the flow of the game, leading to many times the Lions having to chase the ball. More cunning than a jackal and having the agility of a leopard Stacey is who you want defending your line.

Her ability to read the field of play and make snap decisions that turned the game in favour of the tigers and scuppered the Lions many invasions through the Tiger’s fifty metre line.

Karl Anstey

Queanbeyan Tiger


Queanbeyan Tigers 0.0 2.0 3.1 4.4-28 Riverina Lions 0.3 1.4 1.6 1.7-13 Queanbeyan Tigers Goal Kickers: B. James, C. Hamilton, J. Shea, I. Kennedy Best Players: A. Frost, S. Close, L. Flakelar, I. Weir, M. Lustri, I. Kennedy

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