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64 Tigers Join Forces for Working Bee at Footy Ground

An incredible effort by the Tigers Club last Sunday with 64 volunteers fronting up to the footy ground to “spruce” up the amenities in preparation for the 2018 season.

Many of the Clubs tradies were in attendance and took control of various areas that needed some tender loving care along with a few repairs while a general clean-up around the facility also took place.

Painting and Cleaning

The Tigerettes were active giving the grandstand a complete wash-down while also cleaning the coaching and press box facilities, the interchange boxes and other facilities with Joan Vosnakes directing the activities.   They also painted the entire gym area plus the handrails on the growlers deck and bbq area – directed by Hannah Dunn and Megan Godfrey. The Tigerettes also provided “manpower” to pick up rubbish around the ground and a much-needed clean-up along the retaining wall walkway under the guidance of Paul Campbell.


Light fittings were replaced in the change-rooms, canteen and growlers deck along with power-points upgraded or installed and floodlights placed on the administration building – all under the supervision of Jason Taylor.  (There were 10 electricians – with a roar at the completion of “a” job equivalent to kicking a goal after the siren when “finally” everything worked)


A small army attended to the garden surrounds including hedges, lawns and wiper snipping of all areas plus a general clean-up of the Walk of Honour all under the direction of Dean Ross.


Neil Irwin has fitted back into the club after a few years away and directed the many carpenters in attendance by way of upgrades to the growlers deck handrails and the gatekeepers shed plus numerous other areas in need of renovation.


The gym area had a complete clean and tiles re-laid plus excess equipment removed under the supervision of conditioner Paul Slater.


Kel Evans took control of replacing some carpet tiles in the visitor’s room but a self-inflicted illness took over and his replacement Jono Bowyer worked on the project for many hours.

New Seating

There were many bosses on the hill digging holes for some new seating to be installed and some interesting discussions on how to go about things. However, it was Mitch Gorman who “seemed” to take control and eventually organise the group.


Unseen for most of the working bee was Jack Bowyer cleaning the leaves from the roof and guttering of the visitors change room – a task he seems to have each year without opposition!

Supervisor and Veteran Volunteers.

Overall supervisor, player and committee person Hayden Kelly was a proud man at the completion of the day and enjoyed a few refreshments with all involved which was provided by our outstanding group of senior volunteers in Fred Gisik, Daryl Taylor, Tim Stephinson, Gary Bullivant, Wally Thompson, Steve Wightman, Mark Lindbeck and Nick Vosnakes.

Saturday Organisers

Many thanks to Steve Grocott and Wally Gisik who set up the Sunday working bee on the Saturday with many hours being provided to make the occasion a huge success.

Proud Day

The working bee certainly impacted the clubs already strong culture with many participants complimenting the impact of such a large gathering – all working together for a common goal – that is –

“providing a facility that can be enjoyed by everyone that enters the Tigers Home Ground whether

current players, spectators or visiting teams”.    


General Manager of the Tigers Adrian Pavese, thanked all concerned and to those that provided equipment and materials.

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